Going, going…gone! Smart summer style for boys – so on-trend, it won’t be here long.

Once upon a time, in a hospital maternity ward far, far away - well, right here in Yorkshire actually - a boy by the name of Lucas Frank was born.

He didn’t know it yet, but he was soon to become the inspiration for a brand new clothing company. And it made perfect sense really, since he was cute. Very, very cute. His features – a button nose, bright, wide eyes and the chubbiest, rosiest cheeks – meant he was already wooing the ladies. And if we’re really honest, some gents as well.

And that was it! As Lucas’s parents carefully carried their bundle of joy out of the hospital mere days later, they decided right there and then: this little chap deserved only the best – of everything.

So, they set about locating a line of clothing that had their pride and joy written all over it. Mass-produced high street brands just wouldn’t cut it. For Lucas, the clothes he wore had to be smart, stylish and above all, boyishly British.

And like Lucas, your little man deserves the very best start in life, too. We can’t make any promises but we reckon that by ensuring your son’s turned out in good quality clothing from day one, he’ll turn out well in general. Well…you know…it’s a start.

Designed and created by UK designers who don’t just know boys’ wear but great style, too, our clothing is made from the finest fabrics available. And if you’ve taken a look around our site, you’ll know we’re all about the details here at Lucas Frank.

With a mark of quality along every seam, we believe that the small things – like our Lucas – really count. And while he might be a little bigger now, Lucas still has every faith in the style choices of his parents. And why wouldn’t he?!

With polos, tees, hoodies and rugby wear via Britain’s greatest sartorial talent, the Lucas Frank site offers something for every little man. We know what style-conscious parents are looking for – and we’re always ahead of the game when it comes to trends.

Love, care and attention goes into each and every stitch of the clothes you’ll see here on the site. And we have the very same focus behind the scenes, too.

Looking for stand-out kids’ fashion? You’ve just found it. Shop smart kids’ style today.